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“Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence” (Levine, 1997).

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Rainbow Atma
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Family Constellation Workshop

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Your Personal Life

Women often come to me feeling like something inside is broken? Or they feel stuck and unhappy. Even if they have everything they want, they still can't feel happy.

They have usually tried everything, from doctors to healers to therapists and still don't feel fixed! All they're searching for is to be well and find some peace....and it seems SO out of reach!

Their life feels like groundhog day. Usual feelings of being anxious, stressed & relationships suffering. They are struggling with work and their health is going down the drain. They have lost their spirit, that authentic self and don't know how to find it.

After completing tons of personal development and courses, they still find themselves falling back into those repeating patterns that just aren't serving you anymore.

I do understand, I've been there too. I've suffered trauma in my life and I needed answers just like you are seeking today. And I found it difficult to find someone who could help me reconnect to my authenticity and peace. I felt like there was a part of me that was dead inside. I had lost my spirit!

Don't worry, I can help you with this. My holistic approach helps the mind/body/spirit align so you can live the life you are meant to. Lose the inner battle and feel the spirit come back to life. I help you identify those repeating patterns that didn't start with you and facilitate a process that can free you and your children from generational suffering.

If Personal Empowerment & Transformation is something you are looking for click here to see how you can work with me to Rediscover Your Spirit.

Your Business Life
I imagine you may be wondering how a trauma therapist can possibly mentor you in business!

Well, because I have had the experience of being personally stuck, which then impacted my business and I have seen it in other women. My counselling experience and education supports a deeper personal transformation which then follows you into your business.

You can do all the training, work with business coaches, put strategy after strategy in place and you will still be stuck unless you find a way to resolve what needs attention within yourself. I know because I did it! I don't want to think of the amount of money I spent on online trainings for this and that. But....my business still kept doing what it was doing because I still kept doing what I always did.

The gold is in looking deeply into what within you is in your way and then taking care of that.

Running a business or leading a team requires you to be fully present to others. How can you do that if you are not fully present to yourself?

As a business owner, you are the business and whatever remains unresolved in you, your business also carries. For example: as team leaders/managers, if the relationships in your personal life are difficult, I imagine this is repeated or reflected in your business relationships. The way you are in your personal life will show up in your business.

We can't hide from our patterns of being and I understand how you feel. My childhood learning about money was that money = love/being enough. My father was not available emotionally and the meaning I made was that he showed his feelings by giving money. Imagine how that might show up in business. How do I know my worth? How do I price what I do? Imagine what happens if a clients says I can't afford it.......What do you think that child self heard? Yes, that's right, you are not worth what you ask. This process of course is going on subconsciously. It's not until I worked deeply with this that it became obvious where those feelings I didn't understand came from. This type of issue may feel like a money block of some description and an internal battle of 'am I good enough'/'yes I am good enough'.

Over the 10 years of business I have been on a journey of extensive study including a masters degree in Gestalt psychotherapy and Facilitator training in Family Constellations. It has been an amazingly enlightening and healing process. Now I use this understanding and insight to help women just like you who are searching for the peace, joy and balance in your life and business....and it' is possible....I promise!

How healthy is your business? Use this checklist to give you a idea of where you may need to put some attention in your business.

Rainbow Atma is a Holistic Stress Reduction & Trauma Recovery Centre, which means I am a trauma informed therapist and have a focus on transforming unresolved trauma and facilitating growth through trauma. The trauma can be any life event that was traumatic, PTSD, complex trauma, cancer or another life limiting illness that has consumed your life. I specialize in working with trauma, stress reduction, grief and end of life support.

I imagine that recovery to some of you may be something you can't quite get your head around at the moment and that's ok. My clients are usually people who have suffered the symptoms of trauma for many years and do find it difficult to really trust they can recover. They have also often spent a long time trying to find ways to help themselves. Check out the testimonial page to see what my clients have discovered about themselves while working with me.

What is clear from working with many clients is that so many people live their lives with unresolved and more sadly unacknowledged trauma. They isolate themselves! Often people seek an appointment because of the following reasons.

Mental health issues such as:

* suicidal ideation or attempt; * depression; * PTSD; * anxiety; * panic attacks; * eating disorders; and * addictions of all kinds.

Health issues such as:

* insomnia; *IBS ; * excess weight or loss of weight; * chronic fatigue / exhaustion; * cancer; *auto-immune disorders and * chronic illness of all kinds.

Emotional issues such as:

* overwhelm; * stress; * bullying; * domestic abuse; * feeling unhappy / unsatisfied; and *feeling blocked /stuck in life.

Spiritual issues such as: 

* feeling disconnected; * lack of life purpose; * aversion to previous faith; * searching for meaning; and * sense of feeling lost.

I view all of these as symptoms of trauma. Unattended grief or trauma can sit beneath these symptoms.

"Trauma survivors have symptoms instead of memories" (Harvey, M. 1990)

Sometimes we just need someone to listen!
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What I can tell you is that I have witnessed my clients recover more than they ever imagined and are now leading more balanced and happier lives.

I believe that many people are looking for change in the way their healing occurs. To do this we need to move away from the biological (physical) model which has a single focus of working on the part that is sick and embrace a mind/body/spirit/environment attitude toward healing. Your environment (field) is extremely important to consider when working from a holistic perspective, because if your environment doesn't support your desire to change then we need to look at ways to counteract this.

How healing is done is in transition! People are taking back the responsibility of their health which is the first step toward empowerment!

I will facilitate your healing potential from any diagnosis you may have been given. That could be a mental diagnosis such as PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety/panic attacks and depression.

Or you may have a physical diagnosis such as cancer, IBS or any other health issue. If your diagnosis is of a life limiting illness I acknowledge that not everyone survives. As a trained Amici (friend of the dying) and trained palliative care family support volunteer, I am willing to have the difficult conversations around death and dying. I will help you prepare for the end of your life in the hope that you can die at peace. Learn more about what an Amicus/Amici is here.

My clients move out of isolation and into community.
Rainbow Atma
What I'd like you to know
about Rainbow Atma

      This centre is based on Buddhist philosophy (as you will see when you come in) and I work with people of any faith or none. This is important because I am of the belief that Spirituality is an often overlooked, yet an essentially important aspect to consider when working with people from a holistic perspective. That doesn't mean you have to have a belief or religion. The definition that I like to use for Spirituality is:

      "Spirituality is the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to the self, to others, to nature and to the significant or sacred" (International consensus conference - Puchalski, Vitillo, Hull & Reller, Vol 17, No. 6, 2014).

      Rainbow Atma offers a variety of workshops, programs and retreats to support and encourage your change process. I see my role is to work myself out of a job! It's about walking with you until you validate and embody that strength and spirit within you that has supported you to survive. You have survived! Now it's time to thrive.

      Of course you are always welcome to stay as part of the Rainbow Atma community, however that ends up looking. 

Rainbow Atma has been shaped in response to client needs and it continues to morph according to what clients say they want. I am always listening and appreciate your input. Help me to understand a little about your situation by answering this one question. I truly want to hear what is impacting your life in this moment.

What's your #1 single biggest challenge in your life right now?

Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Please go beyond saying "get healthy" or "improving relationships". The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely I'll be able to address your concern in future training :-) 

Example: I want to improve my health. Currently I am carrying 10 kg more than I need. I crave sugar and take it in the form of processed food. I think I use food as comfort or to address my emotional state. The emotional state is usually boredom.

Get the idea ;)

I really want to know what is challenging you and I'm looking for the whole picture. Write as much or as little as you want.

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