Discover how repeating systemic patters keep you meeting the same relationships!
Find those relationships that drain you!
How You Can Fill Your Life With Relationships That You Love!
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About the Women & Relationships Master Class
Date: 14 April 2018         Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm         Investment: $250pp 

Venue: The Bendigo Bank Boardroom, 3/37 Main Street, Samford Village, QLD 4520
Do you want to have a life filled with more nurturing relationships!

We have many, many relationships in our life. They range from saying hello to the service station attendant to the most intimate relationships like your partner or carrying and birthing a child. The relationships we have are everywhere and most of them are subconscious.

What about our relationship with death and dying or life and living?

Two relationships that often trip people up are the relationship between the mother and child and the relationship with yourself.

What we'll cover on the day:

* We will explore what the patterns around the relationships you currently have in your life.
* We will accurately name the relationships instead of subconsciously pretending they are something different.
* You will discover what you can do with those relationships that are not supportive.
* We'll explore as many relationships as you want to on the day, remembering it is very important to be able to integrate the work you have done. Working through one relationship really deeply may be better than trying to sort out a lifetime of relationships.

Yes you will be working hard throughout the day. The gift at the end of the day will be a deeper understanding of the relationships you create and how to  bring in more nourishing relationships.

This Master Class will go deeply into the relationships you currently have in your life?

What is supplied:

* All worksheets for the processes we will do during the day;
* A special memento of the day;
* Paper for you to scribble on;

What to bring:

* Your open mind and your willingness to explore your relationships;
* Pen or pencil;
* Anything that will support your comfort throughout the day;
* A wrap or jacket in case the aircon is too cold for you.


Simple morning and afternoon teas will be provided. If you have specific dietary requirements, please bring whatever you need.

During the lunch break there are many food outlets in the area where you can grab some lunch. Or there is a fridge for you to put food you bring with you.

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