Do  you know where you give your power away?
Find all the ways you give away your power
Be Powerful Without Losing Your Feminine
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About the Women & Power Master Class

Date: 18 May 2018             Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm            Investment: $250pp 

Venue:  The CWA Hall, 31 Main Street, Samford Village, QLD 4520
Discover where you give your power away!

It's difficult for women to find their centre of power without feeling they should be less than they truly are.

You know what I mean!

Think about those times when you have sat quietly while you have had the burning desire to speak. What about when you let someone else take the credit for something that you either did most yet there was no recognition.

You know what I mean!

Those times day after day that you give over yourself. You make yourself small.

In this Master Class:

* We will be exploring how you personally give away your power.
* We will be opening up the possibility of a deep relationship with your own power. 
* You may even meet your own power for the first exciting would that be.
* We'll look at how you can connect with your power without losing your feminine.
* We will bring into your awareness all those little ways you give away your power! You may be surprised what you find.
* We will uncover any generational patterns around women not having or losing their power.

Yes you will be working hard throughout the day. The gift at the end of the day will be a deeper understanding of how you give away your power and what you can do about that.

This Master Class will also give you the opportunity to really connect deeply with your power!

What will be supplied:

* A little gift that will remind you of your inner power you have connected with throughout the day
* All worksheets for the processes we will do during the day;
* Paper for you to scribble on.

What to bring:

* Your open mind and your willingness to explore your disconnection to your power;
* Pen or pencil;
* A notebook and pen for all your insights;
* Anything that will support your comfort throughout the day;
* A wrap or jacket in case the aircon is too cold for you.


Simple morning and afternoon teas will be provided. If you have specific dietary requirements please bring whatever you need.

During the lunch break there are many food outlets in the area where you can grab some lunch. Or there is a fridge for you to put food you bring with you.

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